Using MATLAB for engineers

Introductory course on learning and using MATLAB aimed at 1st year engineering undergraduate. These were developed at the University of Sheffield and authored by J A Rossiter from The Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering.

All the links below take you to a slightly animated power point slide which includes audio. Hence a little like a lecture. The source m-files mentioned are also supplied in the zip files mentioned. These m-files cover a group of topics.

NOTE: You may need headphones to hear the voice over clearly.

An overview of notes and tasks for staff is given here but the intention is that the students listen to the slide shows while having MATLAB open and work through the tasks within the slide shows. The shows refer to the m-files within the zip folders below so these should be readily available to the students to open and edit.

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Lab 1: MATLAB interface Zip file of m-files for Lab 1
Lab 1: MATLAB basic algebra  
Lab 1: Plotting  
Lab 2: Loops Zip file of m-files for Lab2
Lab 2: Conditionnals  
Lab 2: Script and function files  
Lab 3: Symbolic operations Zip file of m-files for Lab 3
Lab 3: Curve fitting  
Lab 3: Optimisation  
Lab 3: Time series  
Lab 4: Matrices and images zip file of m-files for Lab 4
Lab 6: Fourier Series  
Lab 6: GUIs  
Lab 6: Control with MATLAB 1 zip-file of m-files for Lab 6
Year 2: Control with MATLAB 2 zip-file for 2nd year control

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This resource was created by the University of Sheffield and released as an open educational resource through the Open Engineering Resources project of the HE Academy Engineering Subject Centre. The Open Engineering Resources project was funded by HEFCE and part of the JISC/HE Academy UKOER programme.



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