Modelling and control by Anthony Rossiter

Introduction to feedback, its importance and impact

This theme contains a number of sections listed next. Use the left hand toolbar to access the resources. The focus of these sections is on classic control analysis methods, that is root-loci and frequency response. These apply for single input single output loops. There is discussion of the foundation for these methods followed by several examples showing efficient metchanisms for using them in practice to undertake loop nanalysis and lead or lag compensator design. There is also discussion and demonstration of the MATLAB tools available to support control analysis and design.

  1. Root-loci
  2. Bode diagrams and frequency response
  3. Nyquist diagrams
  4. Gain and phase margins and lead/lag compensation
  5. Use of MATLAB for control

It is implicit in several of these chapters that students have core competence in some mathematical topics such as polynomials, roots, complex numbers, exponentials and Laplace. More information on these can be found in the Mathematics theme of the left hand toolbar.