Modelling and control by Anthony Rossiter

Modelling and simulation of linear models

This theme contains a number of chapters listed next. These resources look at the responses primarily of 1st and 2nd order systems. There is also some discussion of the use of Laplace tools for deriving system responses. The videos are reinforced with demonstrations of how MATLAB tools can be used to support response analysis. Use the left hand toolbar to access the resources.

  1. Modelling principles and analogies
  2. Modelling of 1st order systems
  3. Responses of 1st order systems
  4. Modelling of 2nd order systems
  5. Responses of 2nd order systems
  6. Classifying behaviours

It is implicit in several of these chapters that students have core competence in some mathematical topics such as polynomials, roots, complex numbers, exponentials and Laplace. More information on these can be found in the Mathematics theme of the left hand toolbar.