Modelling and control by Anthony Rossiter


This is a brief chapter on how to use MATLAB to support learning of topics within general engineering programmes. It is not intended to be comprehensive but rather covers the basic MATLAB skills required for introductory modules.

It is implicit in several of these chapters that students have core competence in any elementary mathematical or engineering topics.

This chapter contains the topics listed below. Under each topic there are hardcopy (pdf) notes, a video talk and in some cases supporting m-files.

  1. MATLAB basics - introduction to the software, screen layout, basic variable types, elementary coding, conditionals and loops.
  2. MATLAB in control - introduction basic functionality for analysing system behaviour and feedback loops. Includes ODEs, transfer functions, step responses, poles and zeros.
  3. sisotool in MATLAB 2016 Introduction basic functionality for analysing system behaviour and feedback loops with sisotool in newer versions of MATLAB as this is markedly different from earlier versions.
  4. MATLAB GUIs - a number of useful GUIs for animating realistic engineering scenarios and allowing students to learn topics by trial, error and experimenation.
  5. GENERIC MATLAB learning resources - lectures and files (from 2008).

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