Modelling, dynamics and control by Anthony Rossiter


This section gives some helpful notes on how to use MATLAB to support learning and application of engineering knowledge linked to modelling, dynamics and control.

A number of brief illustrations and notes are provided for a small number of topics and MATLAB functions.

1. Solving ODEs with dsolve: MATLAB has a built in solver for producing the solution to simple ODEs. Two resources are provided for demonstrating how to use this tool.
1. Youtube video on 1st order ODEs and PDF notes for dsolve .
2. Youtube video on higher order ODEs and PDF notes for higher order ODE with dsolve.
Supporting m-files used in videos:
file1, file2, file3, file4, file5, file6, file7.

2. Solving ODEs with ilaplace.m: MATLAB has tools for handling Laplace transforms which thus can also be used to solve ODEs. Simple examples are given here.
1. Using Laplace with MATLAB: 1st order ODEs
2. Using Laplace with MATLAB: 2nd order ODEs.

2. TBC: TBC.

3. TBC: TBC.


Use the main MATLAB page to see all resources. Topic relevant resources are referenced directly as used in the sections.
To use these files in MATLAB, save the files into your own folder and then open, for example from the command window write: "open filename" .
More precise instructions for function files are provided where required.