Modelling, dynamics and control by Anthony Rossiter

Case studies on Modelling and Behaviours

This section is part of the chapter on the theme of linear models, for example:
A d3x/dt3 + B d2x/dt2 + C dx/dt + D x = K u
where x(t) is the state, u(t) the input and A, B, C, D, K are model parameters.

This section focuses on collating on a single page several case studies to demonstrate the relevance of the learning.

1. 1st order examples: A good test of understanding is to ask how these concepts and analogies might be extended and/or applied to each engineering discipline.
Mixing tank,   House temperature,   Mass-damper,   tank level,   pain relief,   thermal system,   electrical system,   heat exchanger,   dcservo,   savings and debt models.

2. 2nd order examples: It is noted that many examples are electro-mechanical and thus are relevant across all engineering disciplines.
Mass-spring-damper,   Diabetes,   dc servo,   car velocity,  , house temperature,   tank level,   aeroplane roll,   pulleys and gears,   electrical circuits,  

3. Collations, analogies and comparisons: An interesting coursework would be to form some collations of your own, relevant to your own studies.
Biology examples,   heat exchanger examples,   mixing examples.

4. Impact of feedback and under-damping: A lot of real-life examples lead to over-damped 2nd order models. However, the necessary introduction of feedback often makes these become under-damped.
Cruise control,   heat exchanger examples,   DC servo.


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